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09-02-2010, 02:37 PM
Hello all,

We are a non profit organization base in the USA but having members in several countries. We ran into several technical issues with vbCover products, all unrelated to vBcover (by the way, we purchased almost all of vbcover.com's products) mostly because of miscommunication among staff members. Our volunteers speak different languages and did try hard to set up the products they way we want them to.

Every time we ran into an issue, we went back to ask Lionel for guidance. Every time we asked for help, he yelled at us and kicked us out.... no, just kidding :) ... he was extremely helpful and patient. At times, we asked certain things to be installed and the requests were promptly done. The thing that is not part of the package, we are willing to pay, and the money was well worth it!

In the past 2 days we were struggling to solve some of the mysterious errors, Lionel was kind to point out conflicting mods and even logged to our site and fixed it.

This thank you note is way overdue, Lionel. So, THANK YOU.